Friday, September 11, 2015

Custom Wrap For SmartWeelz Van

So Alex went and got a great deal on a used van to ferry the boards around to customers and do other business related errands. The van runs great with less than one hundred thousand on the odometer. Even still there were a few problems to iron out, one of the problems was the appearance.                            custom wrap on the Smartweelz Van

While it was kept up by the previous owner there was still the faded paint that didn’t look all that great. Alex’s options were to paint or wrap and this is what he chose to do.

This is just a mock up but I think it’s looking pretty good.  Now Alex can drive down the street and not only advertise but look good while he’s doing it.

By the way we will be offering custom wrapped Smartweelz boards before long so keep on the lookout for the update.

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