Wednesday, September 16, 2015

California Company Launches New Hands Free Segway Features

SmartWeelz, an Elsegundo, California based company, has launched a number of new features for their hands free Segway. The company recently stated that among the new features, a Bluetooth and LED hands free Segway will be included.Transformer with blue tooth and led lights

Alex Plitman, owner and CEO of SmartWeelz, stated, “We’re pleased to provide our customers, or potential customers, with a great selection of products. These new features are sure to make our Segway even more fun than it was before.”

The newest features include Bluetooth capabilities for speakers, as well as LED lighting, and the segways come in a wide range of colors.

“We knew that we needed to give our customers something great, and we believe that enabling Bluetooth speakers on their hands free segway is it,” states Plitman.

Another new feature includes a hands free Segway offroad model, which allows users to take their personal transportation on virtually any terrain without worries of getting stuck or movement stopping.Blue offroad model form smartweelz

The company states that the off-road model will go anywhere a traditional Segway would travel, but their hands free versions offer more fun and excitement for users. “We really have broken the mold, and are continuing to add great new features on a regular basis,” states Plitman.

All models from the company come with the same 12 month warranty for complete customer satisfaction. The company states that each Segway can get up to 15 miles on a single battery charge, and that they can be fully charged in just over an hour. The segways go only about 10 miles per hour, which Plitman states is fast enough for fun, but slow enough for safety.

The Bluetooth speaker system integrated into the newest models can connect to any smartphone, enabling music while the user is traveling. The off road model is built from stronger construction than previous models, and has wider tires to handle difficult terrain. The company also states that they are the only one to offer these products in a variety of colors, as well as with the various new features that they have included.

More about the company, including a complete list of new features, can be seen on their official website.

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