Sunday, November 29, 2015

SmartWeelz Has A Kiosk At The Mall

If you want to come out and see the units up close we’re setup at the Boulevard Mall on Maryland Parkway in Las Vegas. We have a wide selection of Smartweelz Kiosk Setupboards to choose from. From the Smart 1, our original board to the Transformer, our Smart 2 board. Then we have the Smart 3 with Bluetooth and Led lights. This is a very cool unit especially for the those of you that want to be noticed in a cool way. Finally we have the Smart 4 off road edition with the huge rubber tires.

Come on down and see what’s in stock and get some great prices. At the same time you can meet and talk with Alex, the owner.

We also have a year warranty, repairs and custom wraps available.

See You There

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